Contact–Contract 18th – 19th March 2014



“This is the third time we have taken an active part in this gathering, which is an extremely interesting well-organised event held in a pleasant atmosphere. We particularly appreciate the fact that the people who come to these talks are well-informed in advance thanks to the preparatory phase of the project. Business is a long-term affair, and the opportunity provided by meetings agreed in advance means that we get to save significant amounts of both time and money and get the chance of making new contacts.”

VIMEX trading a.s., Jiří Konvalina, Company Business Representative


“We had seven talks arranged in advance, of which three were extremely successful – one of these meetings ended in a contract right on our stand, while we have arranged follow-up meetings in the days to come with another two companies with which we expect to enter into long-term co-operation.”

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication at Brno University of Technology, doc. Ing. Jiří Háze, Ph.D.


“Following our good experience with this project last year, we again welcomed the chance of taking part in meetings with potential business partners this year. We were not disappointed. We found common ground with a partner at our very first meeting which we anticipate developing further at continuing talks at the company.”

P-D Refractories CZ a.s., Mgr. Jaroslav Malounek, Head of the Material and Technical Support Department



Contact–Contract 8th – 9th October 2013


“With the Slovak company Alfopa, spol. s r.o. we concluded a contract on delivery of marking elements for our products. Also our further negotiations were fruitful – with Faktum Design company we agreed on technical cooperation based on consultations.”

Ing. Jan Keprda, ASTRA MOTOR, spol. s r.o.



“Directly within the negotiations at Contact-Contract we reached an agreement on cooperation with Omega, spol. s r.o. and ESB Slévárna s.r.o. companies.”

Ing. Miloš Krejčí, BONDY s.r.o.



“During our meeting with the Russian company JSC “Sarapul electric generators” we found out that we can help each other during our mutual search for cooperating partners in Russia and Europe. They visited us in November in order to agree on our further procedure.”

Václav Nevídal, EGSTON SYSTEM ELECTRONIC spol. s r.o.



“Thank you for making it possible for us to take part in this event; during negotiations outside the exhibition we reached an agreement with a Chinese company which will perform deliveries of travelling wheels for our products. We also made an agreement with PHA Czech s.r.o. company for which we have become a new supplier.”

Ing. Přemysl Kučera, MASSAG, a.s.



“It is an excellently organised event; we negotiated with several faculties and a secondary vocational school (Secondary Vocational School of Traditional Crafts) and agreed on our further cooperation. Further negotiations with the management of the secondary vocational school will be held in the following days when they visit our school in Hollabrunn. With colleges and universities we are negotiating a possibility of extension of our studies.”

Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Schuhmann – HTL Hollabrunn, Technical College Holalbrunn (AT)



“Already during the first day of the negotiations we concluded a contract on cooperation with the Austrian company ABA-Invest in Austria. We agreed on exchange of students, interns and other cooperation with our faculty.

prof. Ilja Vyskot, CSc., Faculty of Regional Development and
International Studies, Mendel University in Brno



“I evaluate the whole autumn part of Contact-Contract very positively. Especially the negotiations with the Russian participants in the event will surely bring some results. The event met all our expectations.”

Ádám Krajczár, CCI for Győr-Moson-Sopron County (HU)



“It is been the third time we have participated in this event and it is very good promotion for us, many companies will come to know us.”

                                                                                                          Mgr. Igor Rusnák, Alfopa, spol. s.r.o. (SK)

References from previous events


“I have established many new contacts and obtained interesting information about the market situation in the CR; now it is up to us how they will further develop. I expect that 40% of contacts that I established in Brno, could continue.” Helger Kretschmar, TELETEK GmbH  

“It is a way for us to come across new opportunities and future contracts; from our perspective it is an interesting part of marketing, where the results will be reflected in the longer term. I rate our participation as very positive. I would like to thank the Chamber for the organization, as this platform is a place where one creates awareness of a number of new potential partners in a short time and at one point. The efforts that we would otherwise have to make to prepare such meetings ourselves would be substantial.” Ing. Vladimír Svoboda, INTERPLAN-CZ, s.r.o.

“With all engineering companies we will establish a partnership, maybe even cooperation.” Aleš Molata, KRAUS s.r.o.

“We had meetings with many companies and we estimate further negotiations with a third of them.” Libor Zajíček and Antonín Ocetek, LTU servis s.r.o.


Videospots from two previous events Contact-Contract can be found here.