The DMH SYSTEM is an all-in-one resource / SYSTEM DMH je vše-v jednom

DMH Dichtungs- und Maschinenhandel GmbH is a global company with its headquarters located in Traboch, Austria. DMH manufactures CNC lathe machines for turning seals, semi-finished materials as well as machined seals.

The DMH SYSTEM is an all-in-one resource, starting from the customer’s requirement right up to the final seal – fast and simple.

This interaction of these individual components in combination with the in-house resources makes this success possible. The DMH SYSTEM is composed of the following segments:
•DMH machines
•DMH software and tools
•DMH semi-finished materials
•DMH seals

For our DMH customers, we offer continually developed software solutions, all tools you need to operate our DMH machines as well as a comprehensive service and training program by our highly qualified technicians.

The production of over 50 different semi-finished materials is completed by our in-house laboratory and the quality department. DMH is committed to continuously improve the quality and to make new developments for our customers.

DMH offers its customers approx. 140 standard profiles as well as special seals and assistance in the field of application technology. Through our in-house manufacturing facility in the seals department, DMH customers can extend their product range and offer their customers seals up to an outside diameter of 2.5 m.

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The DHM-System: containing DHM machines, software and tools, semi-finished materials and seals

Co nabízíme

Innovative sealing technology – the DMH SYSTEM: from the requirement right up to the final seal – fast and simple!

The DMH SYSTEM offers everything which you need for turning seals:
DMH machines with leading CNC-technology,
DMH tools and accessories co-ordinated to our DMH machines,
especially developed software with approx. 140 standard profiles as well
high quality semi-finished materials of polyurethane, rubber, PTFE and plastics.

Furthermore DMH offers the production of special seals and moldings up to a diameter of 2,500 mm. DMH customers get technical support in the area of application technology as well as the possibility of individual trainings on DMH machines offered for your employees.
Over 50 different semi-finished materials for turning seals are produced.

Co poptáváme/Jakého partnera hledáme

DMH wants to enlarge the wordwide partner net and would like to appeal to the following 3 target groups:

Entrprise founder
30% of our customers of today from 65 countries worldwide are enterprise founders search for an idea of starting their own business - our DMH SYSTEM is your start as a business man or business woman!

Seal dealer
50% of our customers are working in the sealing industry and want to improve their service or enlarge their product range. Our DMH SYSTEM offers you the necessary flexibility and qualtiy to fulfil the requirements of your customers.

Hydraulics and repair industry
To repair enterprises of the hydraulic industry 20% of our customers belong. You can complete your orders faster, if you turn the required seals by your own in seconds with our DMH SYSTEM.

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Mr Ing. Franz Jonke

international sales manager
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